A couple in West Michigan have created such a splash with their side hustles that they've now been featured on CNBC three separate times. And, they're making bank while they do it.

Jamie and Sarah McCauley have created a life in which they have multiple streams of income. More than anyone I know personally. And, most of it looks pretty fun!

Most recently, they have been featured on CNBC because of the specific side hustle of buying pallets of returned items from major stores like Target, Walmart, and Amazon and then reselling them for a profit.

The article from CNBC, which you can read here, states that so far, Jamie and Sarah have spent just over $7,000 on these pallets. After selling them on sites like Facebook Marketplace and eBay, they were able to turn a profit of over $19,000.

What Other Side Hustles Do They Do?

Sure, making a profit of nearly $20,000 sounds like a great success but, in our current economy, it's not really enough to live on. That's why this couple has expanded their side hustle catalog if you will.

After reading about them on CNBC, I decided to give them a quick Google search. That's when I discovered that they also:

  • renovate properties and then rent them out
  • flip furniture
  • create content for Youtube usually involving the first two in this list

Their online content also includes tips and specifics on how much they make from each hustle and how other people can do the same thing:

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You can also find their content on Instagram:

It's hard to determine just how much these side hustles are earning Jamie and Sarah a year without going through every one of their videos. But, a previous CNBC article states that for their real estate renovations and rentals, they were earning $11,000 a month.

Another article states they were earning over $100,000 a year for their Youtube and social media content alone. Read it here.

Whatever their total income is, it's enough to tempt anyone to try their luck at side hustles.

What Other Side Hustles Are There?

Lately, it seems like more and more people in their 20s and 30s are looking for ways to be more financially independent. That being said, side hustles are hardly ever "easier" than regular jobs. Something to keep in mind should you decide to start your own side hustle adventure. Don't be discouraged if it isn't successful right away!

Time.com recently released a list of side hustles that will probably make you some extra cash in 2023. The list is pretty generic and looks similar to lists I've read in both 2021 and 2022. It includes things like:

  1. Do Freelance Work
  2. Rent Out Your Car
  3. Sell Things Online
  4. Become a Tutor

And more. See the entire list here.

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