Gas prices will drop in West Michigan before the Christmas holiday thanks to President Joe Biden ordering 50 million barrels of oil from the United States reserve.

Just news of oil being released from the U.S. reserve has already lowered gas prices by 10%. The rest of the savings at the pump will happen just before Christmas.

I have a long drive to and from work and when gas prices are above $3.20 it affects my household. High gas prices definitely make me spend differently at the grocery store and with other life purchases.

My car has about had it, my truck is on its last leg, and gas prices are affecting my buying a new vehicle. I would like a full-size truck but man they are expensive but last a long time. I have been looking at a smaller truck that does better on gas but it won't last as long as a full-size truck.

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This is the third time in my adult life where gas prices and an inflated economy have curbed my spending all around.

According to WOOD, the 50 million barrels of oil President Biden is having released from the oil reserve will help bring down energy costs, but this will only be a temporary fix.

Last year at this time gas prices were 50% cheaper but the pandemic was at its peak and fewer people were driving while businesses were using less oil and gas.

This morning I drove 20 minutes out of my way to fill up my truck because I know I would save 20 cents per gallon. That adds up fast when trying to fill a 26-gallon tank.

The good news is the 50 million barrels will not even dent the U.S. oil reserve but like a bandaid, will only help in the short term. It's as if we cannot get to fully electric vehicles fast enough.

With the entire globe trying to bounce back from an economic shutdown, the demand for oil has never been higher. This also makes it tough for the working men and women trying to run a household when the price of everything is attached to the price of oil.

While politicians are pointing fingers at one another, we consumers know the real problem is the price gouging that continues to go on from oil companies who continue to reel in record profits while the rest of the country and world try's to make ends meet.

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