While those of us living in West Michigan have received a ton of rain, there was one area of the state that received record-breaking snowfall.

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Grand River Flood Warning

West Michigan has sure had its share of rain on and off the past couple of weeks to the point of a flood warning being put into effect for the Grand River area in Comstock until further notice.

I live in Newaygo county and what little snow I had was flattened by snowmobiles last weekend that has now turned into sheets of ice. I'm actually wearing boots with studs on the bottom to get around the yard with my dog Jake.

West Michigan Rain

Grand Rapids down to Kalamazoo received several inches of rain, plus melting snow that first created some ice jam concerns for both the Grand River and Kalamazoo River. Now the big concern is flooding because the ground is frozen and the water has nowhere to go and can't get to Lake Michigan fast enough.

What Area of Michigan Had Record-Breaking Snow?

While the lower part of Michigan has been getting pelted with rain, Marquette Michigan has received record amounts of snow in the past couple of days.

Marquette was hit with just under 22 inches of snow on February 22. This snowfall beat a record that was originally set in 1961 for one day in February.

The nearly 22 inches of snow that did fell on February 22 covered up the nearly 10 inches of snow that fell the day before.

I guess if you are wondering where to go snowmobiling, you may want to try Marquette. Looks like they will have plenty of snow to break out the sleds on.

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