A woman named Dana Gallagher posted in a Facebook group called Grand Rapids Informed looking for help.

Dana's post said: 

Delete if not allowed…But I need to find this man and thank him for his kindness over the weekend. Anyone know him? We believe his first name is Byron. He was at the AC Marriott on Monroe Saturday night at the lobby bar. Thankssssss.

credit: Dana G FB
credit: Dana G FB

Lots of people started commenting on Dana's post

Heather Lynn said: 

 I hope you find Byron! Keep us updated! #FindByron

Jessi Z said: 

Now I’m going to be up all night trying to find Byron. Then I’ll wake up and you’ll remember your sober self knew his name was Brian or something

A guy named Kyle asked Why she was looking for Byron which set off a chain reaction.

She doesn’t need to say why. Go be a buzzkill somewhere else. She’s not trying to steal someone’s man, relax.

Kyle C:

jw why she's looking for him. Nobody said anything about stealing someone's man...

Alex D:

that’s quite over the top there. He was just asking a question

Dana G:

I’m trying to reach him to talk about his extended car warrant

attachment-Stranger 1

Then someone chimed in with a very interesting point

Edwina S:

I know the urge to want to see him and thank him but sometimes these angels aren’t meant to be found.

I was sobbing at GVSU one day because my dad was sick and coming out of surgery. I was talking to my mom on the phone and trying not to visibly shake while I was crying or be loud and here comes this young girl and she taps me on the shoulder. She said I can see that you’re very upset is it OK that I hug you?

I said absolutely I need a hug right now more than anything and she hugged me and said I just want you to know that I don’t know what’s going on but I’m here for you right now and you’re not alone. I will never ever forget this person and her act of kindness. I’ll never get to thank her but I absolutely treasure that moment.

Byron was meant to be there at that moment. Pass that compassion and kindness on. I hope you’re feeling a little better

Some people think they might know where Byron works so Dana could find him

I think he's in management at the hotel. Start there

Tuck J:

That’s the Dj at mojo upstairs

Credit: Tiktok thatgirldanaaa
Credit: Tiktok thatgirldanaaa

Dana updated her post with some exciting news on the search for Byron

Dana G:

YOU GUYS I THINK WE FOUND HIM!!!!!!!!! Stay tuned!

Dana G:

I just messaged “him”… he hasn’t updated his profile in a while but it definitely fits the profile. We shall see!

As more time passed Dana provided another update on the search for Byron

Dana G:

I think I need to bring awareness to the “message request” button.

Nothing yet, folks. But I’m also super impatient and expected a reply basically before I sent it because that’s how I live my life soooo …….the wait is on.

Dana decided to make a video on TikTok in an attempt to #FindByron, which she's since made private.

I reached out to Dana and asked her a few questions in an attempt to #FindByron

Big Joe: You posted on Grand Rapids Informed that you needed help locating a man you think we named “Byron”

Where did you meet him?

Why were you trying to find him?

Dana: yes we believe his name is Byron. His wife was there too. We didn’t get her name. we met them at the AC Hotel on Monroe downtown GR. I just wanted to thank him for being there coming out of nowhere when I was being a little emotional- undisclosed reasons that don’t need to be put out there lol. We went to pay our tabs and they said everything was covered along with the tip. He waved through a window but we never got to say “thank you”.

Big Joe: If "Byron" reads this or hears it on the radio what did you want to say to him?

Dana: just thank you for being an absolute human.

Credit: Tiktok thatgirldanaaa
Credit: Tiktok thatgirldanaaa

Just when it looked like it was over I got a Facebook Message from Dana with some great news, She had found Byron!

well... actually his name is Buron and it's pronounced as Baron which is kind of close to Byron?

Dana who is originally from Michigan moved to Florida a few years ago and was back in town visiting family. Now that she and Buron have connected on Facebook they plan on hopefully meeting up next time she's in town.

Who said all social media is bad?

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