The Bangor man sent profanity laced threatening missives to Georgia Congressman Henry Johnson. 

Martin Dale Osborn allegedly sent the messages after Johnson, a Democratic representative from Georgia, brought up gun control legislation in Congress.

Osborn, who was arrested in Bangor in Van Buren County, according to WZZM-13 News, left threatening voice mails to Johnson's office threatening to "kick the living s*** out of you" and asking “Do you remember the Romans? What happened there when they had enough? Yeah, they killed their politicians and the lawyers. Keep pushing it boy.’’

He is charged with threatening a federal official, which is punishable by up to six years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

Osborn was arraigned in Grand Rapids Federal Court Monday and pleaded not guilty. He was freed on $5000 bond.

It was the second time a West Michigan man has been charged with voice mail threats.

In 2019, Rick Lynn Simmons, 52, of Kentwood, was convicted and sentenced to 15 months confinement and a $2000 fine for threatening then Senator and one time Presidential candidate Cory Booker with violence.


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