Logan Sweet, a Hamilton resident, was last scene leaving a downtown parking garage late Sunday.

Sweet Never Returned Home Following The Tall Heights Concert

According to a Facebook story posted by his wife, Ali, Logan has not been heard from since leaving the show.

My husband went to a concert in downtown Grand Rapids at the Listening Room on Sunday, July 24th. He never returned home.
His name is Logan Thayer Sweet.
My husband was last seen pulling out of the Commerce Parking Garage going WEST on Weston at 10:08pm on Sunday, July 24th.
He could have traveled home to the Hamilton area on 196 or 131.
He has shoulder length brown hair, is 230 pounds with hazel/green eyes.
If you have any information, please reach out to the Michigan State Police Post of Wayland at 269-792-2213.

People Are Keeping Their Eyes Peeled Along I-196

Several commenters to a Grand Rapids subreddit thread say they are searching several of the freeways and roads leading back to Hamilton, which is northern Allegan County, hoping to see of his bike may have left the roadway on the way home.

Will do, about to drive up to the listening room and drive back to his house in Hamilton to see if there are any skid marks or anything. Its been less than 24 hours, and with him being on a bike, Im afraid he is just laying injured in a ditch.

Possible Routes Home


Others offered ideas on how to help locate Logan, especially using cell phone pings.

The Weston apts has 2 security cameras mounted on the corner of the building. I wonder if they could take a look at what it recorded from last night. His phone either died right after this ping or he shut it off, otherwise there would be more pings from him driving throughout the rest of town or getting on 196.

Again, please contact the State Police, Wayland Post if you have ANY information about Logan, 269-792-2213.

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