There's a new app that could help you save money on groceries and help you cut down on food waste.

According to WOOD, the app Flashfood has been designed by developers to help consumers save money while assisting stores with their consumers.

Grand Rapids area Family Fare stores have already utilized the the app with their customers. The app basically lets customers know when to purchase their food by the sell by dates.

Items getting close to their sell by dates can be discounted as much as 50% off which helps the consumer and keeps the store for having to throw them out.

Just order your food through the app, it tells you what is on sale and how close each item is to its sell by date. The stores then gather your food, store it in coolers near store entrance and then you come and pick them up.

Make sure and get your items because once the sell by date expires, the store has to throw them away, even if you already paid for the item.

The are policies the state has for stores and sell by dates.

Meijer locations in Detroit were part of a pilot program and already those locations say there was a 10% reduction in food waste.

Meijer will soon put the Flashfood app in all of the 246 locations across the Midwest so the whole region can save money and there be less food waste.

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