With all the fairs, festivals and concerts canceled this summer, we've all really had to rely on the Michigan beauty as we've all been spending more time outside, and in nature. Now there's a challenge starting up that will give you extra incentive to get outside!

It's the West Michigan Trails Challenge which kicks off September 1st and encourages participants to get out and enjoy the West Michigan trail system. As Fox 17 reports, with hundreds of trails across the state, Michigan is considered one of the leaders in America with the largest number of non-motorized trials.

The West Michigan Trails Challenge is hoping to get you out on at least half of the 40 trails we have around West Michigan.  According to Fox 17, the challenge was created by The West Michigan Trails and Greenway Coalition and wants people to join the challenge which starts next week and runs until the end of the year.  You sign up on their website, get the free t-shirt,  and then as you can throughout the end of the year you start walking as many trails as you can.  The actual challenge is walking 20 out of the 40 trails, and when you complete that, you then receive a medal for your accomplishment.

"They can experience the trail however best fits them," explained Jennifer Antel. "We have bikers, we have skaters. We have people that are pushing a stroller. Whatever way is best for you. Soon, we will have snow, and you can ski or snowshoe on the trails."

There's quite the diversity in what you can see along the trails as well. Some walk along rivers or other bodies of water, and some tout excellent farm views along your walk. Either way, if you're looking for something to get you out of your pandemic rut, and you want to explore nature, this challenge may be just for you!



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