Twin Lake's Adrienne Lewis was featured in a 60-Second Documentary this week, reasserting her claim of having the world's longest tongue.

Lewis First Staked Claim To Having The Longest Tongue Back In 2015

Lewis first gained attention for her extra long tongue as a teenager back in 2015, and since then has seen a Michigan man claim the Guinness record for the biggest tongue circumference. 

So is it possible that our beloved Mitten State is home to both the longest AND widest tongues?

Yes, says Adrienne, although she admits she screwed up and didn't submit the proper paperwork to Guinness to earn the title.

Lewis Was Featured On A YouTube Feature Called '60-Second Documentary

The 23-year-old was featured recently in a 60-Second Documentary on YouTube, highlighting her long appendage, which highlights all the wonderful places she's been able to go, all thanks to her long tongue. It also features some of the downside of having a big tongue.

Ripley's Believe It Or Not was interested Adrienne's massive tongue, which has been measured at 4 inches in length, which would top the current World Record of 3.98 inches held by Nick Stoeberl of California.

According to Guinness, the longest female tongue in the world belongs to Chantel Tapper at 3.8 inches.

But she doesn't seem to be too bummed out about being the official tongue record holder. After all she knows how long her tongue is, and what benefit do you get by officially holding the World Record?

She also adds that she is more than just a girl with a long tongue, she's a happy person with wonderful qualities.

She Has The Easiest Halloween Costume Every Year

Adrienne went as Gene Simmons of the rock band KISS this pat Halloween, an easy go-to as Gene's long tongue is legendary in the rock 'n roll universe.

She also popped up on an episode of Jay Leno's "You Bet Your Life" back in October.

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