The oddly named Bootleg fires in western Canada will impact our weather and our beauty here in West Michigan in the coming days.

The massive fires have created hazy conditions in Grand Rapids the past few days, maybe even preventing the thermometer from getting a little warmer.

But over on the Lakeshore, the smoky haze rolling in has meant gorgeous sunsets, as the smoke creates an orange and purple, and at times fuchsia palette for the sun to peer through.

Some recent social media posts have highlighted the smoky sunsets along the West Michigan shorelines from  St. Joe all the way up to the Porcupine Mountains of the Upper Peninsula and they are gorgeous.

The haze may also create a huge orange full moon for Friday night. However, clouds and rain are in the forecast, so there's a chance that might not be visible.

The smoke from the fires puts a fine particulate into the atmosphere which creates a cloud like effect on West Michigan during the day, but at sunset creates the colorful addition to the already stunning sunsets we see along the Lakeshore.

Here's some photos posted over the past few nights showing, or at least attempting to show the colorful sunsets. As we all know, sometimes the camera does lie, and doesn't give off the full color we see with our eyes.

In other words, if you get a chance over the next few days, get out and see a sunset with your own eyes.


Feel Good Photos From Around West Michigan


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