This is kind of a sad marker, as we realize that our summer days are quickly fading away.

Last night WOODTV posted on a sunset picture on their social media with the caption,

Tonight was the last 9 PM sunset of the year. The clouds didn't make for a great scene, so here is one from a few days ago.

Our last late sunset was of course cloudy because this is 2020 and nothing happens as it should.  Still, it's hard to believe that we've now spent an entire spring and most of the summer just trying to survive the coronavirus pandemic. I guess it's only fitting that on the last day of after 9 pm sunsets, it also kind of resembled a cool early fall day/evening.

Yeah, I know that this is how the world and weather work.. "it's called seasons", right, but I guess the post for me just made me realize that we need to really take advantage of all the summer activities we can get out and do before we can no longer get out and do them.

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