Happy Turkey Day! While you re opening your Turkey presents and singing Turkey carols around the fire, enjoy this holiday themed edition of the WFGR RetroVision!
We go back to 1973 for one of my personal favorites.

I'm a huge Peanuts fan. I have 2 framed Peanuts pictures in my house. I wanted to be a cartoonist because of Charles Schultz when I was a kid. One of the few movies I actually over is Snoopy Come Home. The dog comes home, I ahve seen it over 40 times, yet I still bawl. I love Peanuts.

So here is a Retrovision favorite from You Tube. "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" In case you missed it Wednesday night on WZZM TV 13, or don't want to wait til Tonight at 8 to watch it. Ah the internet age. It's a great time we live in!

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