This is how time has flied! Remember The mall back in the 80's? I vaguely do. All I remember is the small mall in Kalamazoo called Southland. Had the best big soft pretzels there and a S.S. Kresge (The forerunner to KMart) That was the local mall. Until.

The built the Crossroads. 2 levels. 100 stores. Escalators. Cool. But I dont remember all the fashions. Or the big hair. Or smoking in the mall. But it was all there. And here is a cool story about Malls in the 80's from Yahoo.

"For anyone who can still recall the scent of Orange Julius hot dogs and the surreal sight of indoor trees through a haze of cigarette smoke, Michael Galinsky’s new 1980s-themed photo book, “Malls Across America,” is nostalgia that's not to be missed. For folks too young to remember the glory days of indoor malls, the 144-page collection, released in October from Steidl, is a big-haired, educational time capsule."


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