When my daughter asks me a question and I respond "sort of," it really bugs her.

She says: "That's not an answer, Dad." And she adds "Dadddd," with a 10-year-old's attitude attached to it.

So, when I say this edition of the WFGR Retrovision is "sort of," it means exactly that. It's "Sort of" Retrovision.

It's "sort of" because it's a classic 1980s video game.

However, playing a Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) version of an unbelievable college football upset from four days ago.

Someone on YouTube posted this video of the 109-yard touchdown runback for Auburn after a missed field goal that beat top-ranked Alabama 34-28, a la super Tecmo Bowl style.

Bo Jackson was the best player in the original, and he did go to Auburn. Modern technology is a beautiful thing.

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