I bet you walk or drive by one of these quite often and never think anything about it.  Around the West Michigan area, are old newspaper boxes, they’re still usually chained to whatever they’re in front of, but never have papers in them anymore.

Why would they leave these out? Probably because it reminds you to go to their website and look at the news.

I opened one and noticed some trash, but relatively they look untouched. I’ve come up with a few ideas for these boxes… no more than a few, but here they are:

  • I’ve thought about hiding random things I may need around the city. Some M&M’s at one, aspirin or a granola bar in the one by the B.O.B., a pair of clothes in one by the river, just in case I ever fall in.
  • These could seriously be used for what I just joked about, but for homeless people. We could store water, granola bars, deodorant, and other essential items in there.
  • In Arkansas, where my parents live, someone started doing a food pantry that’s in an enclosure kind of like the old newspaper boxes, where people around the neighborhood that the enclosure is in, uses and takes care of refilling… kind of like the “take a penny, leave a penny" tray at the gas station.
  • We could also move them into areas where it’s hard to get to a library and start the same kind of idea as #3 but for library books.
  • Or they could become some kind of game, like geocaching…or a West Michigan scavenger hunt or something.

Maybe there are even more ideas that we can come up with. I just saw the box sitting there the other day and started fantasizing about what we could do with them other than just having them sit where ever.

Got an idea on how to repurpose these boxes? Leave it in the comments!

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