According to the Michigan Liquor Control Commission's annual report, the stores that sell the most liquor in Grand Rapids may have accidentally revealed the drunkest side of town.

The MLCC's report shows individual wholesale liquor sales for stores and bars in every county in Michigan. Keep in mind, this is wholesale liquor sales, not retail sales, but it's pretty easy to draw the line from one to the other, because the stores aren't going to drink all that liquor themselves.

When you look at a break out of the stores selling the most liquor in Grand Rapids, it reveals that the Southeast side of town may have a bit of a drinking problem.

Two of the three Meijer stores in the top six are from the Southeast side (both are on 28th Street), add to that large numbers at the Costco on 28th Street and the big liquor stores in the area like Smitty's on Lake Street and Rishi's International on 28th Street, and, well, you start to see a trend.

Not that the Northeast side is much better, the top liquor seller overall was the Meijer at Knapp's Corners and the Meijer on Plainfield was fifth, so they can put it down at a pretty good rate as well.

In terms of bars and restaurants, The BOB downtown on Monroe at Fulton, sold the most liquor in that category. Others in the top five include old standbys Donkey Taqueria and Stella's, both joined this year by the new West Side eatery Butcher's Union. has a searchable data base if you want to see how your favorite store or bar fared.

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