You ever wonder what John Ball Zoo does with the animals in the winter months?

A lot of the animals that are at John Ball Zoo in Grand Rapids, Mich., are not used to the Michigan climate in the winter months so the zookeepers are very busy trying to keep animals warm who are not built for the winter months.

This week there are some brutally cold temperatures that really won't affect most animals, but there are many at the zoo that are just not built for these cold temperatures.

According to Fox 17, John Ball Zoo doesn't open until March 27th when it is much warmer and safer for many animals who are not accustomed to Michigan's winter months unlike bears, cougars, lynx and many others who love to get out in the cold.

There are 230 different species of animals at John Ball Zoo but many are kept in warm enclosures at a minimum of 70 degrees to keep them safe from the elements while others who like the cold are able to venture and enjoy a romp in the snow.

Believe it or not, lions, who are not from cold climates at all, occasionally like to take a walk in the snow.

The folks who work at the zoo are very busy in the winter months shoveling enclosures, making sure all the habitats are safe and their doors work properly. Plus the animals still have to eat so there is a lot of feeding going on each day.

One thing that is odd about bears that are in captivity, they don't hibernate like wild bears but are known to move a bit slower and not be as active during the winter months.

So don't worry about the animals at the John Ball Zoo while it is super cold this week. There is a team of people making sure the animals are well taken care of.

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