Thanksgiving is just days away.  It's time to get your turkey and all of the ingredients for the side dishes.

Then there's a big decision to be to cook your turkey.

What is the tastiest way to cook a turkey?

The options for cooking a turkey seem to be limitless: bags, beer cans, deep fryers, and smokers all get put to use over Thanksgiving.  Here are some thoughts about a few different methods:




Fans love the added flavor smoking adds, but cooking times are longer. says:

The absolute first step in cooking a turkey on a smoker is to pick out a bird (turkey) that is not the biggest one you can find. The main reason for a smaller bird, 10 to 14 pound maximum, is the time limitations usually involved. It takes between 6 and 8 hours to smoke a 12 pound turkey and the bigger they get, the longer they take.



Deep fried turkey can be delicious, but care must be used to do it safely. has some tips:

  • It is best to deep-fry a turkey that is less than 14 pounds. If you are frying a turkey over 15 pounds, make sure to separate the leg and thigh pieces from the breast and fry them separately.
  • Be sure your turkey is completely thawed.
  • Remove any excess fat.
  • Do not stuff your turkey when deep-frying. Cook the stuffing separately in the oven.



What we call roasting isn't really roasting in the classical sense — it's baking. There's no direct heat source, no turning on a spit, just constant dry heat murdering the bird a second time. Generally, the lowest possible temperature you can get away with is best, with a quick flash of heat at the start to get the browning going. The most important thing to know about roasting poultry is this: get it to stand up. When birds are positioned upright on their haunches, they cook evenly, and even baste themselves to some extent.



Fans say oven bags are the best option when a tender, juicy turkey is desired.  No basting is needed.  Bags can make clean up quicker too.


So many options.  I like using a bag the best.  It's simple and delicious.  That's a good combination when making turkey for a big Thanksgiving meal.



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