Sometime between 1976-1984, they dedicated a fitness trail at Riverside Park, and this mascot was there, but what is it and what does it represent?

One of the more fascinating Instagram feeds I subscribe to is the one for the Grand Rapids City Archives, where they store photographs, maps, remnants and relics from our city's long heritage.

Whether they feature long lost city landscapes, like this night time shot of the old Four Star Theater.

Or random buildings long since gone, the feed never ceases to a source of amusement to me because I love historical photos.

So when the staff at the archive came across a photo even they had no explanation for, I'd thought I'd throw it out there, and see if any of you have any idea what's going on in the photo below.

As far as the archivists can determine, it's from a fitness trail dedication that took place in Riverside Park sometime during the terms of then Mayor Abe Drasin, because he is seated in the background.

The shot is of the portable bandstand set up in Riverside Park and shows a giant mascot of some kind standing as if he's about to give a speech. He appears to be similar to characters found in the work of Maurice Sendak, author of 'Where The Wild Things Are', but no explanation is given.

Maybe one of you was there that afternoon and can remember what this thing represented.

So what do you think this thing is? Is it TV character from a local TV show? A troll? A overgrown garden gnome?


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