Nobody likes higher taxes. But nobody likes crappy roads, either.

So how much will a 45 cent tax per gallon cost the average Michigan family?

Governor Gretchen Whitmer has drawn fire for her proposed 45 cents per gallon gas tax to help pay for damaged roads in our state. So what does that mean for me?

One can do the math yourself, for instance, I fill up about 40 times per year, and 45 cents a gallons for 15 gallons would run me about $6.75 per fill up for a total expenditure of $270 per year.

Yesterday, I blew out a tire, and when I went to get it replaced, I was informed that I had about $1500 worth of damage to my suspension system. Is all of that caused by potholes? Probably not, by they aren't helping. I look at what I've paid out for tires and front end alignments since I've moved back, and it's almost a wash.

The Detroit News did some research and came up with a similar figure, coming up with an average of about $255 per year for a Michigan family. They also did a breakdown based on the vehicle you own. For instance, in their study...

If you own the best-selling pickup in the land – the 19 mpg Ford F-150 with its popular 3.5-liter Ecoboost V-6 – you're currently shelling our $1,820 at the pump annually.  With the new tax, you'd need to carry another $334 in your jeans.

Electric cars won't save you either, as fee jumps for EVs and Hybrids would rise under the tax proposal.

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