I'm all about keeping order, but I don't know if this word qualifies as 'bad'. What say you?

Jayson Bauer Was Flying From Flint To Florida When He Got The Boot

Was it rowdiness or an anatomically correct word that got Jayson Bauer and his father in law bounced from an Allegiant Air flight? It depends on who you talk to.

Bauer claims it was because they had uttered the word 'penis' in a non-sexual way, while officials from the airline say the duo was part of a rowdy group on the flight who were being disruptive.

"..the Flint police and the airport authority came over and said we were removed because I said the word ‘penis’ on board an airplane," Bauer told FOX 2 Detroit.

"I meant it in no derogatory (way). I mean, it's part of the male anatomy and we were literally kicked off an airplane in Flint and we had to drive."

Allegiant Airlines Has A Different Narrative

A spokesperson for Allegiant has a different take, saying Bauer and his seat mate  were disruptive and verbally abusive to staff.

"When crew members instructed them to cease their unruly behavior, the passengers failed to comply. As a result, both were deplaned and reaccommodated to other flights," read a statement from the company.

Jakob Rosen via Unsplash
Jakob Rosen via Unsplash

"This decision was made with the utmost safety of our customers and crew members in mind. Unruly behavior from a passenger presents a safety risk. As I'm sure you are aware, failing to comply with a crew member’s instructions is a violation of FAA regulations. Allegiant does not tolerate disruptive, abusive, or unruly behavior of any kind."

Bauer and his father in law were given the opportunity to fly out of Grand Rapids, but Bauer said they wouldn't make it in time to help with moving.

Bauer said four people in total were tossed off the flight, including a drunk man and another customer who threw up in the aisle.

Penis uttering, puking and drinking. That sounds like quite a party.

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