Halloween is next week-where has 2012 gone? It's almost the end of the year and everything! Whoa, slow down there cowboy! Haven't even hit Halloween yet! This weekend is the biggie--the last weekend before. Here's some help on what to do this weekend for the fam.

GR Now has their great list of Houses and events HERE.

The Haunt is still going strong. And we have Tickets for The Haunt at the WFGR Rock n Roll Bowl League's Halloween costume contest! The contest is for the bowlers, but if you still want to join us, you can! Fridays @ 6:30 Park Center Lanes on 28th Street in Wyoming.

Don't forget Games 3 and 4 of the World Series! Watch parties are at The Pepsi Stadium Club at 5th 3rd with the Whitecaps or at Celebration Cinemas North on the big screen!

the haunt
the haunt

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