A new study found the most popular Super Bowl food in every state.  Cocktail weenies won the most states, with 11 . . . but that's mostly because all the different types of dip really split the vote.

The study wasn't a study at all, just some dude analyzing Google searches although to be fair, they did actually ask an additional 1200 people.

And somehow cocktail weenies won the most states, with 11.

And yes, cocktail weenies were the number one Super Bowl food in Michigan.

I understand that they are deceptively good and easy to make. I know I've found myself mindlessly gazing at the game at a Super Bowl party, not even realizing I've shoved 35 or so cocktail weenies down my pie hole before the end of the first quarter.

But do a little work, Michigan! If you're going to buy small weiners, wrap those little rascals in some dough and have 'pigs in a blanket'. Now those are delicious. Especially dipped in mustard!

After perusing this survey, I think it's safe to say no one's focusing on making a great vegetable platter for the Super Bowl.

Seven layer dip won seven states . . . Buffalo chicken dip won six . . . blue cheese dip won three . . . beer cheese dip won two . . . and lobster dip and hot cheese dip both won one.

And on a related note, Bush's Beans just set a Guinness World Record by making a 1,087-pound batch of seven-layer dip.  It was donated to a charity to be distributed.

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