The esteemed WOOD-TV 8 meteorologist appeared unaware that his two cats were involved in some personal drama behind him. I just want to know which cat won the fight. 

Viewers of Steffen's Monday night weather forecast were left in the lurch when the TV 8 weather man's home office broadcast was punctuated by a cat fight.

As far as I can determine, the fatter, white cat had offended the black and orange cat (probably ate all his food) and the black and orange cat was having none of it, and thus went on the attack.

But before the fight could be rectified, the weather forecast was over, and they moved away from the action.

So, does anyone know who won the fight?

A Redditor posted photos of the action. They are inconclusive.

Can we get an insider piece on whatever drama is happening in the back? from r/grandrapids

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