The winter of 2021-22 is giving it all she's got in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Video recorded at the end of April along Lakeshore Drive in Marquette shows weather that's much more like the middle of winter than mid spring and just days away from May.

Check out the video captured by the 906Images Facebook page

We also appreciate the AC/DC to Whitesnake segue for the soundtrack to the video.

Late season snow is, of course, no strange thing to find in the Upper Peninsula. Back in May 2018, we shared a photo of a dog laying in a brown and meager snow pile, one we believed to be the last patch of snow in the Upper Peninsula for the season in the Keweenaw near Houghton.

In the southern part of the state, mid-May snowfalls are not unheard of. In Kalamazoo in 1895 a third of an inch of snow fell on May 14.

Late season snows are pesky but they're rarely disasters that cause millions of dollars in damage. Here are some of the worst disasters in history:

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