The big news late last year was that driverless shuttles were coming to Grand Rapids in March 2019. It's May, so where the **** are they?

I caught note of a funny story out of Rhode Island where a self driving vehicle run by the Ann Arbor company May Mobility was stopped by the police. It turns out the officer was just curious as to what the vehicle was, because it was so out of the ordinary.

As I'm reading this, it dawned on me that we had gone two months from March when the self driving shuttles were supposed to be driving around downtown, taking people along the West Side to downtown DASH route.

So what happened? Where are they?

Not really sure, although one trade magazine resets the date for 'this summer'. 

They have stopped taking applications for a site manager for the Grand Rapids program, which could be a bad sign (the program has been scrapped) or they've hired someone and will be ready to roll soon.

Calls to May Mobility and the City of Grand Rapids have yet to be returned, so I'm not sure what the deal is, maybe we'll see them next week, or maybe we'll never see them.

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