Today is 7/11... And until 7p.m., the convenience store is offering free small Slurpees to celebrate.

But where even are the 7 Eleven's in West Michigan??

I have a friend who recently moved back to Grand Rapids from Chicago and one of his first questions was, "Dude, where have all the 7 Elevens gone?"

I was like, I know, I feel like there used to be a ton, but no longer. Are there even any left in GR?

My googling has lead me to believe no. According to this MLive article six area 7 Eleven's closed back in 2013.

So where CAN you still get a free Slurpee on 7 Eleven Day in West Michigan?

Apparently there are 204 stores still open across the state, according to their store locator. Places like Saginaw and Sterling Heights are BURSTING with 7 Elevens..

But here in West Michigan, there appears to be only two locations left:

So anyway, if you're headed that way, I'll take a slurpee :)

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