Big Brother has returned to CBS for its 17th season.

By the end of summer, one Big Brother Houseguest will be $500,000 richer, but one will be evicted before the end of the week.

Who do you think has the best/worst chance to win Big Brother?

I've been a fan of Big Brother since the start. Well, a fan since Big Brother 2, but I've watched since the first season. Sorry, "Chicken George".

Big Brother 17 is only beginning, but things are off to a good start. CBS has given the house a nice new look, the shows have been well-produced, most Houseguests seem ready to play, and the "UFoh NO!!" alien-abduction Head of Household competition was a lot of fun.

It doesn't take long to get an idea of which Houseguests might do well or which might face an early exit.


Vanessa - A very successful professional poker player and high school valedictorian. She graduated from Duke in only two-and-a-half years, finishing with an economics major and a political science minor. She left law school early when she saw how much money she could make as a professional poker player.

Those poker skills are already coming in handy. After volunteering to not compete in the first competition, she made the most of her opportunity to protect another player and seems to be thinking a step ahead of everyone else.

For now she's sitting back, gathering information and watching the game unfold. I can't wait to see what happens when this poker player goes all-in.

Jason - He has already won a competition and shown the ability connect with players socially and strategically. He is a big fan of Big Brother which can help him to be prepared. His decision to try to win a competition in the first week can be questioned, but he could be set up for success if he doesn't come off too strong.

Early Exit?

Jace - Athletic guys always make easy targets early in the game. Jace seems to have rubbed some people the wrong way which makes him an even bigger target.

John -  This dentist from Scranton, Pa. is making people nervous. No one believes he's a dentist. The Houseguests are even having a hard time believing he's from Scranton, Pa. They think it's a poorly thought out lie since Scranton, Pa. is the home city of The Office. The paranoia over his true identity is not deserved, but it is something that could haunt him throughout the game, much like it did Donny from Big Brother 16. 

Jackie or John - They competed together on The Amazing Race. That alone makes both of them a target. Once one of them is gone the other will stand a much better chance of staying off of the block.

Steve - Has had trouble connecting socially with others in the house which is never a formula for success. However, many players with a poor social game have gone far as an often-nominated floater.

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