In a very official statement, the White House has welcomed the newest member of the first family: Sunny.

Sunny is a (hypoallergenic) Portugese water dog, just like her new brother Bo. Unlike Bo, however, she is all black (Bo has white socks on his front paws and a splash of white on his chest). The family says it picked her name because it matches her "cheerful personality."

Sunny, who was born in Michigan in June 2012 (translation: this puppy is probably already trained), is said to be extremely playful and lovable.

Sunny and Bo

According to the official White House blog, first lady Michelle Obama had told reporters in October that "Bo doesn't have enough dog interaction." That problem appears to be no more and from the video below it appears as though Bo is indeed happy.

Now, if only the world's other challenges were so easily resolved:

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