Over the weekend, the West Michigan Whitecaps took on the Dayton Dragons in Dayton and a bit of a... situation... occurred.

A brawl broke out between the two teams following a play by the Dragons. Yahoo! Sports reports that Dayton's Jose Siri stole second base, and when the play ended, Whitecaps' shortstop Daniel Pinero was on top of him. That's not enough to cause a brawl, but the situation escalated when Pinero got up and stepped on Siri's ankle.

Siri took issue with the whole ordeal (rightfully, we guess), and suddenly the benches cleared.

Brawls aren't uncommon in baseball, but a pitcher using a ball as a weapon is, and that's exactly what happened.

Whitecaps' pitcher Eduardo Jimenez threw the ball at Jesse Stallings (pitcher for the Dragons) from a pretty close distance, hitting him in the leg.

minorleaguebaseball posted the whole debacle on YouTube:

MILB.com reports, "It was not known if Jimenez was ejected, but his actions were captured on video and will undoubtedly be reviewed by league and Minor League Baseball officials."

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