I'm sure most millennials will consider this an honor. Especially the free Participation Trophy you get for showing up. But I'm pretty sure you're being mocked.

The West Michigan Whitecaps have announced their special Millennial Night to honor all of you age 32 and lower. The first 1000 of you to show up will receive 'Participation Trophies' in accordance with the theme. It will be held next Thursday, July 26 at Fifth/Third Park.

The team Facebook page describes it this way:

Take a break from "Netflix and Chill" and come to the ballpark for Millennial Night. Just for showing up, the first 1,000 fans will receive a FREE participation trophy. Test out your bottle-flipping mad skillz in-between innings with our Bottle Flipping Contest. Keep calm and dab on with our Dab Cam. Or sign the petition to ban the dab because that's what all the cool kids are doing. We'll be playing the Meme Team so be sure to watch the video board for all the memes that we could steal from Reddit. Enjoy free WiFi

It's also $2 beer/$2 Hot Dog Night, to help you save some money, because, you see, as a millennial, you don't have any, right?

There will also be 'Best Beard' and 'Best Man Bun' competitions.

Other minor league franchises have played around with the Millennial Night theme, only to get burned on Social Media, which the millennials rule, if you haven't noticed.

But now I'm curious. If a 59-year-old shows up with pretty fine man bun, can he win, even if he's NOT a millennial? I'm asking for a friend.

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