The Detroit Tigers iconic Old English 'D' has been worn on the team's uniforms well over 100 years, but I always thought if you saw one Old English 'D', you've seen them all.

How wrong I was.

Paul Lukas of the UniWatch blog recently took a deep dive into the history and the variations of the Old English 'D' after he stumbled across a Denny McLain record album in a discount record pile. (Yup, not only is the last pitcher to win 30 games in a season, but he's the last to record an album of organ music as well!)

Apparently the logo has under gone many changes and variations over the years, and there is also a distinct difference between the Old English 'D' on their cap and the one on their uniform breast.

If you look closely at this shot of Miles Jaye, you may be able to notice that the uniform 'D' has one extra line down the middle than the cap 'D'. I never noticed that before.

Detroit Tigers Photo Day
Getty Images

This graphic shows the changes over the years, but the Lukas article takes it even further.

I was kind of surprised to learn the team went away from the Old English D and went with a block D as late as the 1930s.

Detroit Free Press/Source: Detroit Tigers
Detroit Free Press/Source: Detroit Tigers

Todd Radom on Twitter has a pretty good look at the changes over the years of the 'D' on the cap.

Now let's jam with Denny McLain on the organ!

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