And more importantly HOW did they take it? That thing looked like it would be impossible to steal. 

A nine foot tall abstract sculpture honoring the legacy of writer Ernest Hemingway, and his links to Michigan's North has been stolen from outside the library on Beaver Island.

The nine foot tall, 200 pound statue was found to be missing June 19. The sculpture is by renowned artist John Suave.

According to a press release issued by the Charlevoix County Sheriff's Office, who has jurisdiction the sculpture was:

... a key piece of Sauvé’s The Hemingway Sculpture Project. The collection of installations across the state highlights and pays homage to the many Michigan locations that influenced and impacted the iconic author and artist’s life.

Sheriff John Vonda told the Petoskey News Review that a rumor that the sculpture was taken off the island by a boar is unfounded. A cash reward has been offered for its return.

This story is weird to me in that none of the news stories I linked to on this case, nor the local authorities have answered the obvious questions like HOW are you getting a nine foot tall bulky statue down, let alone get far with it?

Look at this thing, it would be awkward, but not impossible to carry it off, but where do you go with it?

Beaver Island library
Beaver Island library

It may be an inside job is all I'm saying. Somebody didn't appreciate the art and buried that monstrosity somewhere on the island.

If you have any information on where it is, or who took it, please call the Charlevoix County Sheriff’s Office in Beaver Island.

Their number is (231) 448-2700.


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