The white footprints appeared across the freeway near the Wolverine exit about a month ago.

The footprints were first noticed by drivers along northbound I-75 just past the Wolverine exit in Cheboygan County.

A driver was startled by the find when they were driving on the road over the weekend and reported it to the Michigan subreddit page on

Once commenter first noticed the footprints when he saw someone in the early morning hours stopped to the side of the road and gawking at them. They even indicated that it might have been the person who painted them.

Yes, they are there. They were painted in the last few weeks. I passed a car stopped there at night a while ago when I first saw them. Either he was checking them out, or he was the one who painted them.

The footprints and a wood cutout of a Bigfoot monster, standing off at the edge of the woods in the same area are believed to be a tribute to a 2009 Bigfoot sighting near the exit.

According to the Bigfoot reporting web site,, the incident occurred in front of numerous vehicles in the middle of a sunny summer day:

I am from northern lower Michigan and two years ago was driving on I-75 just north of Wolverine, Michigan. It was in the middle of summer and I was driving alone to see my family on Mullet Lake. In the distance I could see brake lights and was curious as to why so many cars were stopping because there is NEVER any traffic in that area. So I stopped behind a few cars but it was visible as to what everyone was stopped for. Ahead to my right a massive figure was stepping out of the woods and at first I thought it was a huge bear but it was walking on its hind legs. It was covered in dark hair and was taller then any bear i have ever seen. So then I thought it was a gorilla, because its hands were curled under as if it had been walking on them previously. The creature crossed the highway and then proceeded into the woods on the left of me. I thought i was dreaming, so i looked over to the car on my right and their faces were just as shocked as mine were. I made it up to our cottage and told my family but everyone just laughed and to this day when I tell the story of how I have seen big foot nobody believes me. But there is absolutely no way this was a bear or gorilla. In northern michigan a bear is possible but it was walking like a human.

That same report mentions the footprints has being painted along that stretch of highway, which is described in the report as being between Wolverine and Indian River.


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