When I was growing up. my favorite hockey team was the Kalamazoo Wings. My hometown team. I spent many a nights cheering on the K Wings. And one of the things the tea, was known for, and still are, are colored ice games.

Starting with the Green Ice Game in 1982 for St. Patricks' Day, the Wings play sometimes 4 or 5 home games a year with colored ice. Orange for Halloween, yellow for McDonalds, pink for Valentines' Day and so on. Tonight is the blue ice game with Bell's Winter White blue ice beer as the sponsor. Here's a time lapse of the crew at Wings Stadium making the ice blue.

Just wonder why the Griffs don't do this? I know they are in the AHL, and it's more serious like the NHL, but still. The Griffs have unique and fun theme nights and promotions. This would be a perfect event for the annual "Purple Night" can you imagine purple Ice? Might be kinda cool.

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