The art project is meant to not only beautify Grand Rapids drains, but also to send a message.

The Painted Drains Are A Reminder To Keep Our Waterways Clean

The neighborhood improvement project is the brain child of Lions and Rabbits Gallery in Creston and the Lower Grand River Organization of Watersheds (LGROW). Close to two dozen artists have been hired to paint the sidewalk and areas above the drain to illustrate the problem caused by the dumping of trash and toxic liquids into the drains, and into our waterways.

“I didn’t realize how big of a problem in Grand Rapids; how much garbage was getting collected,” artist Elizabeth Page told WOOD-TV News about the project.

Over 50 Storm Drains Have Been Painted Since The Beginning Of The Project In 2020

This is third year of the storm drain art project, and includes storm drains throughout the city. Lions and Rabbits goal for the initiative is to teach people through art to understand where the water goes that you dump down the drain.

As you walk around Downtown Grand Rapids and Creston you'll see these water or fish-themed sidewalk paintings that serve as colorful reminders of the importance of protecting our waterways.

“I hope that it draws attention to something that you may not normally see on an everyday basis,” Page told WOOD-TV. “Typically, people pass storm drains all the time and don’t realize that they’re passing them so I’m hoping that I can catch your eye for five seconds. And also working with florals and natural elements I’m hoping to kind of get you thinking about the natural beauty of the environment and keeping our environment clean so that beautiful things like flowers can grow.”

For more information on about LGROW's Save-A-Drain project, you can go here. 

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