The Dutton Fire Department wants you to know the turkeys are out mating, and it's no joke when they hit your car.

A driver on M6 near Hanna Lake Road found out the hard way Tuesday night when his new Ford F-150 was clipped by a big bird. He is okay, but he did suffer some facial injuries after the bird splintered his windshield.

The Dutton Fire Department posted on their Facebook page a warning fro drivers at this time of year.

It is Turkey season and the birds are moving. The Turkey is no joke; they will absolutely destroy a vehicle, especially if you’re unfortunate enough to encounter more than one. They don’t often sit in the road as you drive over them. They attempt to take flight, and you will find them right about face level as they do. Not a good day. Keep your heads on a swivel and drive safe everyone.

They later admit on their page, "Dutton can be a strange place at times."

I'm not sure what they mean by that, but we'll be advised. Thanks, guys and girls, for all your hard work!!

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