I hope someone in the city can please make this happen, because I missed the first water slide down Lyon Street.

A Utah company, Slide The City, has listed Grand Rapids on its itinerary for coming events, with a 1000 foot slide set up on Lyon Street.

City officials, however, maintain a healthy skepticism that they can pull it off.

Four Michigan cities, Grand Rapids, Lansing, Ann Arbor and Detroit are listed on Slide The City's web site as "Coming Soon", perhaps implying that those cities can be added to the company's agenda for 2016, but Grand Rapids city officials told MLive.com that no formal applications have been filed yet for the event, although the company did contact the city about the event.

You may recall a similar slide down Lyon Street, a 500-foot water slide promoted by local promoter Rob Bliss went off as planned in 2010, but not without a ton of problems in addressing water drainage to the Grand River. Reports say Bliss lost money on the event and is still paying back the city for police overtime and other expenditures. This may account for the city's healthy skepticism.

“On paper, it looks easy, but there’s a lot of complexity that goes into doing anything with water or a water slide," Grand Rapids special events coordinator Todd Tofferi told Mlive.

The company has twelve slides set in stone for 2015, with many more planned. They charge between $15 and $25 per slide and pair up with a local charity to benefit from the event.

At the time, the 500 foot slide down Lyon Street was billed as the "World's Longest Water Slide", but Slide The City promotes it slides as being 1000 feet long.


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