Christmas is less than a week away and West Michigan has been experiencing unseasonably warm weather, but will that mean that their won't be any snow on Christmas?

Temperatures across the region have dropped back into the 30s but those temperatures will start to go up again before Christmas. On Thursday, the temperatures will start to climb back towards the 40s and will likely stay there through the weekend.

Christmas Eve Forecasts

  • Rainy and cloudy with a high of 45° - WZZM 13
  • Rainy and cloudy with a high of 43° - WOOD TV 8
  • Light rain with a high of 45° - FOX 17
  • Rain with a high of 46° -
  • Cloudy with a bit of rain, high of 46° - Accuweather

Christmas Day Forecasts

  • A few clouds with a high of 37° - WZZM 13
  • Rainy and cloudy with a high of 48° - WOOD TV 8
  • Mostly cloudy with a high of 49° - FOX 17
  • A few clouds with a high of 37° -
  • Mostly cloudy with a chance of rain, high of 44° - Accuweather

There is a good chance that when waking up Christmas morning there won't be any snow on the ground. There is precipitation forecasted for Christmas, but because of the higher temperatures that will most likely fall as rain. So, as of right now, West Michigan will not be experiencing a white Christmas.

With Christmas still 5 days away, the forecast is expected to change and could result in lower temperatures towards the weekend which would lead to a small possibility of waking up to a white Christmas.

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