Win tickets to both shows for Laughfest.

Anything Goes Showcase is happening on March 8th at 9:30PM at The B.O.B.

"See the five comedians performing at festival favorite, Clean Comedy Showcase (Tina Friml, Arvin Mitchell, Nancy Norton, RN, Andrew Orolfo and Michael Rowland) in a no-holds barred show. Inspired by popular request this is a unique opportunity to see five up and coming comedians all at one show!"

Karajokee is happening on the same day at 7PM at Golden Age.


"Comedians tend to be a very confident, but have you ever wondered what happens when they are pushed out of their comfort zone?  First, you’ll see 5 minutes of prepared material, then the fun starts.  After the jokes, each comedian is forced to sing a karaoke song chosen for them by live audience vote! Will you be blown away by the amazing talent or brought to tears of laughter witnessing a musical train wreck? "

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