Heavy black smoke from an explosion at a Superior, Wisconsin oil refinery could make its way to Michigan.

Portions of the Upper Peninsula are on alert and watching the winds as the heavy black plume continues to waft from the shores of Lake Superior.

There are currently evacuations in the city of Superior which lines just 79 miles away from the Michigan border in Gogebic County.

Depending on where the wind blows the smokes different areas of the UP could see the black cloud. The smoke is wafting south and the National Weather Service is monitoring where the smoke plume is heading.

A Facebook group based in the Upper Peninsula is following news of the explosion and are watching the weather patterns for a shift in the winds that could bring the plume to Michigan. There are concerns in the Copper Country around Houghton, as well as Ironwood.

With a current southeasterly flow, smoke could cross Lake Michigan into the Lower Peninsula, but it's too early to determine the effects on the Mitten just yet.

Initial Reports of the Explosion

Emergency crews are on the scene of what is being referred to as an 'emergency situation' at Husky Refinery in Superior, where reports of an explosion have been followed by plumes of smoke coming from the facility, visible from quite a distance.

It was initially reported that there was at least 20 causalities, that number has been updated to 5 according to the Superior Fire Department. Those 5 people were taken to area hospitals.

A representative from the Superior Fire Department told WDIO this is a "serious situation". Roadways near the refinery have been blocked off, and employees have been evacuated from the facility.

Multiple reports of feeling the ground shake or what is being described as an explosion have been shared by people in Superior.

Our partner site Mix 108 in Duluth, Minnesota has extensive coverage of the explosion.

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