The phrase "my treat" took on a whole new meaning Wednesday in suburban San Diego.

In what may be a strange attempt at improving diplomatic relations, a 66-year-old white woman identified as Claudia Smith with a self-proclaimed love for Mexicans bought $5,000 worth of clothing for 50 women at the Everything a Deal discount store, where nothing has a price tag over $9.99.

Her generous act came one day after she purchased $2,200 worth of goods for several people at the same store.

Why Smith decided to act like Mexican Santa Claus remains a mystery.

After Smith's bonanza Tuesday, word got out and a mass of people showed up at the store Wednesday. After a $5,000 check from Smith cleared, 50 women were allowed to head inside and buy $100 worth of merchandise.

While they went off to the races, Smith just went off, spewing all sorts of bizarre comments, including how she wanted to buy things for "poor Mexican women." She also screamed at various points and shouted at one woman to leave the store because she wasn't from Mexico. Smith, who claims she had once lived in the country for a long time, also urged women to fight back against disrespectful men.

And while you might think you've got to be out of your mind to drop as much coin as Smith did on complete strangers, that's not the case. Police were called in to make sure she was mentally balanced.

Smith also admitted she's battled addiction issues in the past, but said she was totally clean Wednesday. However, she did say she recently contemplated suicide.

And in more of a twist, Smith said she had maxed out her credit cards, but made a nice chunk of change by investing and selling her late mother's house.

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