Is it really acceptable for someone to re-wear their wedding dress to their friend's wedding?

It seems to be a common courtesy to not upstage a bride at her own wedding. One woman has made the internet divided over her choice of a dress to wear to her friend's wedding.

Reddit user @DearBam created a thread entitled "Is it rude to re-wear my (non-white) wedding dress at a friend's wedding?"

The person got married over five years ago and had two ceremonies — one at city hall, which acted as the legal wedding ceremony, along with a religious ceremony. She wore a purple short-length dress to the city hall ceremony and a traditional white gown to the religious nuptials.

"My friend Lana (not her real name) is soon getting married and I am thinking of re-wearing my purple dress to her wedding since it is probably the nicest dress that I own," the anonymous user explained. "Would that be rude? I hadn't met Lana five years ago, so she wouldn't know that this was my wedding dress. However, one of her other guests, Nicole, is a mutual friend who was also a guest at my wedding and would probably remember that I wore this dress to my city hall ceremony."

The reactions from fellow Redditors were divided. One user said that they would be "honoured that my day is special enough for you to bring out the most important dress you own."

Others disagreed and noted about the friend in attendance that would know that it was her wedding dress.

"I’m gonna go against the grain here and say I would feel weird if someone wore their wedding dress, white or another colour, to my wedding. Like that was for your special day, why would you want to wear it to mine?" they questioned.

"I wouldn’t be mad or think that much about it, and I don’t think it’s rude per se, but I would find it a little odd," another added.

The woman decided to wear the purple wedding dress to the wedding as the majority of responses were to "go for it!"

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