Donelan Andrews has always been a detailed focused person and it because of her thoroughness, she got a big payday.

Most people don't bother to read the fine print or terms of service when they sign up for something, especially vacation insurance.  But, when Andrews sat down and planned out a trip to England, she wanted to make sure that she was getting everything that she paid for.

After planning her trip and signing up for her insurance from Tin Leg, a travel insurance company, she received her insurance policy.  Having a degree in consumer economics, Andrews always reads the fine print so she knows she isn't being taken advantage of.  But, instead of discovering anything nefarious in the contract, she instead found a contest.

Deep within the fine print, on the seventh page of it to be exact, she found a section titled "Pays to Read" in which rules for a contest were laid out.  The contest was simple.  The first person to email the company and mention the fine print contest would win $10,000.

She quickly emailed the company and to her surprise, she was the first person to do so.  Fast forward to the next day and a representative from the company emailed her back and told her that she had won the $10,000.

Crazy!  I guess it does pay to read the fine print and I'm sure that this will inspire many others to do so.

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