If there were ever a time we wanted to unplug and get away from it all, it would be 2020. Well, a new camping experience that will get you completely off the grid could be coming  soon to West Michigan.

WZZM-13 reports that brothers Stephen and Jarred Sper along with their friend Kyle Sischo have developed "Detach Primitive", what they hope will be unique camping destination on 45 acres of woods in Rockford.

According to Grand Rapids Magazine, their mission is “not to cultivate but curate the land while keeping the spirit of the wilderness intact.”

The property features two large freshwater springs, a stream that feeds into a 5-acre pond and, a forest of evergreen trees. Detach Primitive will have ten structures for camping: two hobbit-style homes, three yurts, three A-frame structures, a tipi and a treehouse.

Kyle tells WZZM-13,

"We've stayed the night out here on multiple locations over the last several months to identify the perfect are for each of our structures. Everybody will get 2 to 5 acres essentially, privately to themselves."

Guests will be encouraged to leave their phones and laptops at home. Stephen tells WZZM-13,

"We need to get back to listening to our thoughts, re-centering ourselves, and leaving technology behind."

According to GR Mag, the absence of modern-day amenities is by design:

The founders said the experience is designed to be primitive. Visitors will be instructed to pack their own food, lanterns and gear. Firewood will be provided, and wells will be available for pumping clean water.

The Spers and Sischo are awaiting approval from the Algoma Township Planning Commission. If all goes as planned, construction will start immediately and they hope to open Detach Primitive in spring of 2021.

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