I have got the fever...the Yellowstone fever. I am addicted like pretty much the whole country to the Dutton family and all the drama that goes along with it.

The popular Paramount/VIACOM CBS series, in its fifth season, has this midwest girl ready to slip on some cowboy boots and channel her inner Beth Dutton, sassy mouth and all, and head to Montana. If you are like me, a certified Yellowstone junkie, chances are you're curious about where exactly John, Beth, Rip and the gang hang their hats for the night.

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I set out to do some checking and not only have I found the ranch but learned that you can actually stay there. WHAT? Yes, you can actually be a Dutton on the grounds of the Chief Joseph Ranch. Located in Bitterroot Valley, the ranch is the actual location for Yellowstone.

The website describes the property as not only a guest ranch but a working family ranch as well. Visitors will see a spectacular 6,000-square-foot lodge that has been featured in such publications as Architectural Digest and American Log Homes, as well as the three large barns often featured in the show. The only way to tour the ranch is to be an overnight guest.

Accommodations at the Dutton Ranch

The website list two cabin options on the property available to stay, and the names are pure Yellowstone. First, there is the Lee Dutton Cabin, which is located just 50 feet from the main lodge. Fans of the show will note that Kevin Costner's character has recently moved into the cabin. One night there will run you $1200 per night (includes up to 4 guests).

The second option, and my personal favorite, is Rip's Cabin, The cabin sleeps 8 people and features not one, but two porches. You can sit and watch the sunset and have one of those deep Rip and Beth conversations over a beer in true Dutton Ranch fashion. One night will cost you $1500.

A tour of the ranch and the Yellowstone set is included with every reservation. Overnights at the Cheif Joseph Ranch will be open for 2023 upon the release of the filming schedule.

If you're ready for the ultimate Yellowstone fan moment, you can contact the ranch here.

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