And you thought your taxes were bad...

While they may only apply to a limited number of people, or even a single state, a blogger for TurboTax found taxes that are just plain weird.

Here are the top five:

5. Flush tax: In Maryland, homeowners are charged with producing waste water. $2.50/month to the sewer bill of residents hooked up to treatment systems.

4. Sparkler and novelty registration fee: Tennessee business owners pay an annual $15 fee to sell Fourth of July fun including sparklers and trick noise makers.

3. Crack Tax: Up till 2009, Drug dealers were subjected to taxes for selling illegal substances in Tennessee. The tax was levied per gram of illegal drugs -- $3.50 for marijuana, $50 for cocaine, and $200 for meth and crack. Dealers could pay anonymously at the state revenue office.

2. Jock tax: Over 40 states tax business professionals who earn income in their state or have an "economic nexus." It's called the jock tax because it was originated to grab some extra income from visiting professional athletes.

1. Candy tax: Chicago slapped a tax on candy. A big 'ol tax. 5-times the rate of food. Halloween must SUCK in Chicago.

I personally love the Jock Tax! I say More More MORE!

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