You barely have a reason to go to the grocery store anymore!

Following the success of its grocery deliveries, Shipt is now going to bring alcohol along with food straight to your home. We heard about this last month but didn't have an official start date, but now we do! According to WXYZ Detroit, alcohol delivery begins Tuesday, July 11th. So when you get all your food to make dinner for the night, don't forget to add in a bottle of wine (or two) onto your shopping list.

Beer Sales Begin To Rise Again After Losing Ground To Wine
Tim Boyle/Getty Images

A spokesperson for the company said that Shipt decided to add alcohol to the delivery portion after receiving feedback from people that wanted to "...take advantage of our large selection of craft beers and wine."

In order to be able to order alcohol through Shipt you must:

  • Upload a valid ID showing you're at least 21
  • Show your ID to the shopper (delivery person) upon arrival

Shipt's website says a $7 delivery fee may be added to the alcohol order depending on the retailer.

Alcohol delivery will be available throughout all of the already participating Meijer stores in Michigan. WXYZ says that Shipt is now delivering to more than 2 million homes around the state.

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