Yesterday came the report that Detroit had the worst drivers in the country, today we learn it's not all that safe to walk in the Motor City, either.

A report in USA Today about the increasing pedestrian deaths in the nation included the fact that Detroit is the worst city in the nation for pedestrian deaths.

USA Today/Facebook
USA Today/Facebook

Distracted driving, thanks to smartphones, is considered the leading cause in the uptick in pedestrian driving deaths. But there's a new cause for our distraction behind the wheel. In-dash video screens, standard on most automobiles, are increasingly becoming a problem as well says USA Today.

A recent study funded by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, conducted by researchers at the University of Utah, examined 30 vehicle infotainment systems and found that all of them are distracting to some degree.


"The issue that’s new is the people actually taking their eyes off the road to do things," said RonVan Houten of Western Michigan University, who has done extensive study on traffic and pedestrian safety. He said distraction and speed are likely factors in the increase in pedestrian deaths.

Add to that the fact that many pedestrians are also lost in their smartphones, and you have more danger for walkers in major American cities like Detroit.

Twice, in the last week, I was almost clipped by cars driven by people staring at their smartphones, so I can relate to this trend.

Just keep in mind, if you kill me because you were texting and driving, I WILL HAUNT YOUR SMARTPHONE. That's right. I said it. I will haunt your smartphone.

You go to order an Uber, and I will send you the stinkiest, worst driver possible. You think you're going on a Tinder date with a hot chick, when you show up, it will be a toothless old lady. Why? Because I'm haunting your smartphone.

They need to put THAT in the anti-texting and driving PSA.

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