Let’s be real, sometimes you’re just curious about what you can and can’t have, am I right? Like for instance, I’ve always wanted a giant tortoise.

Giant Tortoise walking on grass

Apparently, you can own one or even 5 of these bad boys, as long as you know they’ll weigh in at around 900 pounds and can (and will most usually) live to be around 100 years old.

But what about my other treasured pet? I want a monkey really bad. YES, I know that my normal house isn’t a good place for a primate, but it doesn’t stop me from wanting one; except I want a chimp and I want to take him or her, everywhere with me.

Animals Stay Cool At Chongqing Safari Park
China Photos/Getty Images

Well, curiosity got the best of me, so I started trying to find if it were even legal to own a monkey in Michigan.

I remembered back in 2011, there was a guy in Ohio, who owned a bunch of tigers, lions and bears (and a monkey) which he set loose right before he killed himself, leading to quite a few, if not all, of the animals being destroyed. So my thought was, do we still allow exotic animals to be “domesticated” for lack of a better term (because yes, put your fingers away, I know wild animals can’t be domesticated.)

Well, I came across an article in Business Insider that broke it down by state why you can own.

Here’s what I found. Fortunately for the neighbors, (unfortunate if you want an exotic animal) Michigan only allows primates to be owned, no tigers or bears here. Although, you don’t have to move far if you want to own a large cat or a bear, (BUT WHY??) because Wisconsin allows you to own them, without even a permit.

Black Bear relaxing

Like I said Michigan, along with Indiana and Wisconsin, will allow you to own a monkey (without even a permit required.)

White Faced Monkey Eating Star Fruit

Now to get the “Tree House Master” to come build me a human/monkey palace!

Find out more about what each state allows, exotic animal-wise, HERE. (Yes, there are pictures.)


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